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      Yes; do, he replied. You will see then that what I have said is quite true. I should like you to go. I think you would be happy there. You are always longing for the country, you know. He smiled.

      "Go and talk," she said, waving her hand to Isola and Hulbert; and then she clambered up a bank opposite that tower of other days to get a vantage ground for her sketch.

      "You are wise beyond your years, Mrs. Disney. Avoid the sister, by all means. She would bore you to deatha scampering, exuberant girl, who would develop hysteria[Pg 15] after one month of Cornish dulness. Besides, I am sure you have resources of your own, and that you would rather endure solitude than uncongenial company."

      Ah, said the second voice, I expect if you had your enthusiasm would have evaporated. You would find that she dropped her hs, or talked through her nose."Perchance she died in youth: it may be bowed

      He glanced at the girlish figure, the pale delicate face, and told himself that his new acquaintance could scarcely be more than nineteen or twenty. He had met Major Disney, a man who looked about fortya lucky fellow to have caught such a pretty bird as this.



      This was at noon, after two hours' work in the coach-house. An hour later the carriage was at the door.


      Isola joined in these explorations as far as her strength would allow. She was deeply interested in the churches, and in the stories of priest and pope, saint and martyr, which Father Rodwell had to tell of every shrine and tomb, whose splendour might otherwise have seemed colourless and cold. There was a growing enthusiasm in the attention with which she listened to every record of that wonder-working Church which created Christian Rome in all its pomp and dignity of architecture, and all its glory of art. The splendour of those mighty basilicas filled her with an awful sense of the majesty of that religion which had been founded yonder in darkness and in chains, in Paul's subterranean prisonyonder in tears where Paul and Peter spoke the solemn words of partingyonder in blood on the dreary road to Ostia, where the headsman's axe quenched[Pg 269] the greatest light that had shone upon earth since the sacrifice of Calvary.