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      Doesnt it? said Esmeralda. I thought it did. Everybody in London seems to be so proud of being a lord or a lady, and to look down upon everybody who isnt.Yes, Lilias, he said. Mr. Helby has been speaking plainly, and like most plain speeches, it has hurt. I must go up to town to-morrow morning early.

      "Miss Anna--"

      Esmeralda felt choking, fainting, the desire to cry aloud almost overmastered her. She covered her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket to stifle the shriek that threatened to express the agony of tortured love and womanly shame that burned like a consuming fire in her bosom. She staggered toward the drawing-room door, but her feet refused to support her, and she sunk on to a couch. There she sat, breathing painfully a moment or two, then she struggled to her feet and went slowly upstairs, supporting herself by the balustrade. Outside the dressing-room door she paused to recover something of her self-possession, then she entered.

      Im afraid you are getting cold, Lady Wyndover!How do you feel now, dearie? she asked.

      "O, carry me back to old Vir--"Esmeralda, with dry eyes, looked round her. Lilias came and kissed her; then some one came forward and took her hand.


      He pulled down the blind, and as he did so he touched her hand lovingly. She drew her hand away slowly, stealthily, and closed her eyes."Doggon her, Fred, I wouldn't give her up!"



      Oh, is that you? she said. You quite startled me. Ive a stupid, nervous headache this morning.Im sorry, said Trafford, quietly, and with ready sympathy. What went wrong?