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      They said nothing. There was no reason for saying anything. Everything was working systematically and correctly. Every man was doing his best, and in the best way. Nobody needed reminder, reprimand, direction or encouragement.While o'er our hard-earned pence they gloat?

      I've got to ask you to reconsider....

      When the shearing was done there was supper in the kitchen at Odiam, with huge drinks of "black ram," and sheep-shearing songs such as "Come, all my jolly[Pg 132] boys," and "Here the rose-buds in June." Also the Sussex Whistling Song:


      "One o' my victims, eh?""I'm sorry," he said in a low thick voice"I'm sorry I interrupted yourcrying."


      "Atlanta is ours, and fairly won."


      "Do you know why there isn't?" Dodd's voice was a shock, stronger than before.It was then for the first time that Reuben was frightened. Hitherto there had been too much violence and confusion for him to feel intensely, even rage. He had thrown stones, and had once been hit by a stonea funny dull sore pain on his shoulder, and then the feeling of something sticky under his shirt. But he had never felt afraid, never taken any initiative, just run and struggled and shouted with the rest. Now he was frightenedit would be dreadful if the farmer fired into that thick sweating mass in the midst of which he was jammed.