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      "Indeed, I do not; but by speculating a few messages of inquiry I could soon find out the whereabouts of the Eurydice."Lord Norman loved her! It seemed so strange! Why, he had only seen her a few days ago! What should she say to him? She had said No last night, and had forbidden him to follow her. Would he think it very unkind of her? Would he go away? She asked herself if she should be sorry if he did goif she should never see him againand she was too innocent to know that if she had loved Lord Norman as he loved her she would not have had to ask herself the question.

      Hark! is not that the sound of footsteps, falling airily, yet heavily, too, in some distant chamber? And there, in the upper gallery, is certainly the rustle of the supernaturally stiff silk robe of the first Lady Bergan, who was found dead in her bed, so many years ago! And now creaks the door at the end of the wing, through which old Sir Harry is wont to march majestically forth, sword in hand, to take vengeance on any degenerate scion of the house that he encounters in his path! This last apparition is too much for their nerves. They shrink together, and flee noiselessly to their cabins, hearing the footsteps of the angry knight following them all the way, and leaving the old house untenanted save by the-ghosts, and the few faithful watchers in the death-chamber.

      One evening he went into the Eldorado. The saloon was full; but the men were listless and bored, for the night was hot. Billiards had lost their charm, and there was no card-playing, for Varley Howard was away. There was an old piano in a corner of the room, and Norman, after wandering about, and declining innumerable offers of whisky, limped up to the ancient instrument, and began to strum on its yellow and worn keys.

      What! take our Ralda! shouted Taffy. Why, blame his old skin, lets chuck him in the river, boys!


      "Yes; I have said all I had to say, and have been answered as I wished to be answered. I shall go home very happy."


      The rest of the journey was passed almost in silence. They had the compartment to themselves for the greater part of the time, and they sat in opposite corners, pretending to readIsola apparently absorbed in a book that she had taken up at random just before she started, when the carriage was at the door, and while Allegra was calling to her to make haste.