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      When late the next morning a woman ran out of the house into the cow-stable, and told Reuben that his wife had given him a fine boy, he merely groaned and shook his head.It was instantly opened; and the galleyman, with his saturated garments, and his long black hair hanging dripping over his shoulders, entered the cottage.

      T. W. K.... The words danced and swam before Reuben, with black heaving spaces between that grew wider and wider, till at last they swallowed him up.

      "The captain sent another boat from the ship, and we soon had the satisfaction of seeing my whale dead on the water. He got the lance right in his vitals, and went into his 'flurry,' as we call it. The flurry is[Pg 65] the whale's convulsive movements just before death, and sometimes he does great damage as he thrashes about."

      On her right hand rode her husband, clad in a tunic of fine cloth, in colour resembling the habit of his lady, and mounted on a dark, fiery charger, which with difficulty he could rein in to the slow pace of the palfrey. On the left of the lady Isabella was her brother, young Robert de Vere, and though but a boy, one might have read much in the lines of that countenance, of his future destiny. His smooth, dimpled chin, was small and round, and his mouth possessed that habitual smile, that softly beaming expression, which won for him in after years the regard of the superficial Richard; while there shone a fire in the full dark eyes, which betokened the ambitious spirit that was to animate the future lord of Dublin, and sovereign of Ireland.

      "Start not," said he, "John Ball is not come to harm you;he never harmed any to whom God gave the breath of life,neither did he counsel the blood which has been spilt. A price is set upon his headbut think ye the homeless wanderer fears to die? Baron of Sudley, I have come thus far to tell you what I told you once beforethat if ye will swear to set free the bondmen of Sudley, the child you mourn as dead shall be restored to you!"

      "Reuben knows he's a nice lad, and he knows I know he's a nice lad. Hasn't he got a lovely brown skin?"


      "Funny how he never seems to think of anything but Odiam."Holgrave had been about a month a prisoner, when Sir Robert Knowles came to Sudley, to announce that Richard would honour the castle with his presence on the following day, and on the next proceed on to Gloucester to hold a parliament. As they were sitting at the evening banquet


      "My lord, whatever charges Sir Robert Knowles may have against me, I am ready to meet them."


      "Then you ?un't coming."The moment he suggested that, her whole nature, her consciousness of the entire innocence of her visits there, was up in arms against the proposal. Not to go there would imply that there was a reason for not going there, and there was none. Whatever had passed between Mrs Keeling and her husband yesterday was no business of hers; she intended to finish her work. This conclusion was comprised in the decision with which she answered him.